I’m going to publish my old writings

I saved nearly all of my student writings. They span elementary to graduate school days. Short stories, political analysis, critiques of the built environment — all of it sitting at mom’s house in storage. This is years of stress, frustration, and growth embodied in print.

In rereading my old work…

Embedded Planning is a new form of street-level praxis. As I explain in my opening salvo, “We Cannot Plan From Our Desks,” Embedded Planning situates the work of planners on the ground. Embedded planners take part in a community’s daily life, resulting in stronger relationships with stakeholders, increased public participation…

An op-ed by a CSULA alumnus

Author’s note: I finished writing this op-ed on April 7, 2016, days away from the start of the universitywide “Fight for Five” strike. Later that day, the California Faculty Association and California State University agreed to resume negotiations and the strike was suspended pending…

Jonathan Pacheco Bell, MAUP, MLIS @c1typlann3r

Writing about urban planning and cities. Embedded Planning praxis creator 💡 We Cannot Plan From Our Desks™️ Support my writing thru: ko-fi.com/c1typlann3r

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