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I’m going to publish my old writings.

Jonathan Pacheco Bell
1 min readNov 15, 2021
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I saved nearly all of my student writings. They span elementary to graduate school days. Short stories, political analysis, critiques of the built environment — all of it sitting at mom’s house in storage. This is years of stress, frustration, and growth embodied in print.

In rereading my old work, I see my evolution as a writer and Embedded Urban Planner.

These papers serve no purpose in dusty boxes. And they have value beyond the instructor’s letter grade.

I’ve decided to publish my student writings. Making them public creates an archive of my early work, snapshots in time of my thinking and writing that might also inspire others on similar paths.

Check back here to read my Student Papers Archive.

Pieces will be curated. It won’t be a data dump.

Nor will it be simple transcriptions. An uploaded PDF scan would serve that function, but that’s one-dimensional and static. I’m going to enhance my student writings with images, hyperlinks, and context notes. Edits of typos remain an option to support readability. But otherwise, the pieces will be intact.

We produce a lot of creative writing in our lifetime. Why not share it?



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